The radical Left is not simply a political movement, it is a malignant form of aberrant mental illness that must be pruned from society if we are to survive

When Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008, and again in 2012, conservatives gritted their teeth and accepted the outcome, despite compelling evidence that Obama wasn’t even eligible for office because he wasn’t born in the United States and had faked his own birth certificate. But following the legitimate election of U.S.-born Donald Trump, whom most liberals seem to hate with seething passion, not a day has gone by in which the anti-Trump factions of modern-day liberalism haven’t caused some form of civil unrest in retaliation.

It’s a political civil war that hasn’t shown any signs of abatement, in other words, even after nearly a year-and-a-half of Trump occupying the White House. Civil chaos is being stirred daily by the liberal media, liberal political organizations, and even liberal politicians in office, some of whom have made it their personal mission to impeach our sitting president, even though he’s done nothing even remotely close to qualifying as an impeachable offense.

The rest of normal society could simply ignore all the madness, were it not for the fact that its repercussions are beginning to have a tangibly detrimental impact on America’s civil institutions, not to mention civic life at large. The ongoing Mueller investigation, which has yet to procure even a shred of evidence to indict the president, represents little more than a political coup in the works, and it’s getting to the point where conservatives are going to have to take a more vocal stand against it if they don’t want the presidency to potentially be hijacked from our lawfully-elected Commander-in-Chief.

“That word sounds hyperbolic but it isn’t,” comments Roger Simon, referring to the use of the word coup to describe what’s currently unfolding. “We could see anything from civil war to social atrophy. Who knows if our country will survive it?”

Are conservatives willing to take up the fight to win this culture war?

It might sound crazy to some, but this is the stuff of the 1860s, when America faced the bloodiest conflict on its own soil in recorded history. Half of the country fought the other half during this infamous Civil War, which for all intents and purposes split the nation in two – which seems to be exactly what’s taking place today.

The grim prospect of a Civil War 2.0 may still be possible to avert – at least that’s the hope of some observers who believe that a calculated counter-offense can still nip this growing unrest in the bud. But society’s decline into radical, liberal anarchism is already much further along than many people believe, which presents more challenges than perhaps the average conservative is willing to tackle at this current juncture.

“One half wishes to destroy the other through a series of destabilizing tactics,” writes David Solway for He adds as among these tactics:

“… electoral fraud, fake news, negonomics, industrial dereliction, globalist doctrine, climate change scam, university indoctrination, Blue State model primary and secondary education, the divisive concept of a ‘living constitution,’ trade deficits, pro-Islamic logrolling, radical feminism, gender dysphoria, pro-choice abortion favoring a sub-replacement fertility rate, runaway entitlements, censorship-prone social media monopolies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google, the abolition of the Second Amendment, open borders, caravan immigration, sanctuary cities, politically correct – and in some places, compelled – speech, judicial overreach, ubiquitous surveillance of American citizens, foreign policy surrender and revolutionary advocacy.”

It sure is a mouthful, and it’s all a reality, sadly. But all hope isn’t lost. While this coordinated effort of leftist micro-battles might seem insurmountable, some believe that it’s nothing compared to the larger war that conservatives just might be starting to win during the Trump era. Time will tell, and much of it is contingent upon the resoluteness of conservative patriots to take up the task and make the sacrifices necessary to eventually tip the scales.

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